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Javac Setup
1. Download this file and save it.
2. Open up a Terminal. To do this, open Launchpad by hitting the F4 button (at the top of the keyboard), then click on Other, the click on Terminal.
3. When the terminal window opens, type: cd Downloads then hit return
4. Type: sh [Your Student ID number] [Your Name].
     For example, if you played for the Cubs you might type: sh 49 Jake Arrieta
5. You should see a message that says: "alias has been setup. please close then reopen the terminal."
     If you do not see this message, please raise your hand.
6. Close the terminal windown then open a new terminal window following the instructions in step 2.
7. In the terminal, type: javac testing is a research project run by David Weintrop designed to understand the differences
between blocks-based, text-based, and hybrid blocks/text programming environments.
It is built on top of the Pencil Code environment.

For more information about Pencil Code, including teacher materials, sample activites,
and links to the source code, please visit the main Pencil Code site.

For more information about the study, please contact David Weintrop.